Celebrity Thrift Störe (C.T.S)

Döuble.Eye.Mag (D.E.M), an elusive digital street culture magazine that conducts interviews via iMessage (& text/DM) recently partnered with Dame Dash Studios to create their TV show called “Celebrity Thrift Störe” (C.T.S). As a publication, Döuble.Eye.Mag (D.E.M) is highly selective with who they work with/interview. They’ve connected with household names such as fashion designer Rick Owens & his wife Michèle Lamy, Matthew Williams (Givenchy creative director), Lil Uzi Vert, Nardwuar, Playboi Carti, etc.

The “Celebrity Thrift Störe” (C.T.S) mission is to show underprivileged youth that style is priceless & doesn’t cost a penny (what matters most is how you put it together). While also highlighting upcoming Black creatives that continue to advance & influence the fashion industry.

Celebrity Thrift Störe” (C.T.S) is not only a TV show but it is a platform for upcoming creatives to share their work & artistic expressions with the world. Fashion creatives & creatives across all industries will be able to submit work to be shared on the TV show platform. From fashion & music, to NFT’s & contemporary/performance art! Work can be submitted by DM’ing @Double.Eye.Mag on Instagram or applying here Doubleeyemag.com/pages/apply-for-position

Each episode will be comprised of a series of “Thrift Störe Challenges” (T.S.C), celebrity interviews, fashion therapy, & more! Unlike most TV shows, C.T.S will only release 1 episode per month. The first episode aired November 2nd on Dame Dash Studios (streaming app), Tubi, Fox Soul, & the Döuble.Eye.Mag (D.E.M) YouTube channel as well. The C.T.S trailer & interview with Dame Dash are on both the @Double.Eye.Mag Instagram page & Dame Dash’s page too.

The official “Celebrity Thrift Störe” (C.T.S) exclusive merch collections released November 2nd and will only be available for 33 days since a majority of the pre-orders have already sold out. Only 333 pieces per collection will be released & once they sell out they will not be released/re-stocked again. The C.T.S merch is titled “The Thr333 Collections” & each collection represents powerfully deep meanings that come together as one.

The first collection is titled “ Love...D The Collection”. It represents liberation for all & unison amongst humanity through honoring those we have lost. The second collection is titled “The D.E.M Collection” & it represents the true essence of everything 
Döuble.Eye.Mag (D.E.M) stands for. The third & final collection is titled “SOD x D.E.M x POD”. It represents the destruction of all limitations, barriers, & self-imposed restrictions with honesty, transparency, & truth. Pre-orders are available now for 33 days & are only being sold exclusively at DoubleEyeMag.com

When asked to discuss “The Thr333 Collections” Döuble.Eye.Mag (D.E.M) responded by saying, “We make pieces, not clothes. Pieces are timeless, clothes are temporary. In our eyes, the shirt itself is a canvas & our designs are the art that creates the piece. Therefore, as creatives ourselves, we encourage you to do whatever you want with our pieces. Wear them, frame them, hang them, burn them, cut them, Love them.”

Döuble.Eye.Mag (D.E.M) also collaborated with the elusive celebrity stylist named “Vinrelo” to co-produce her “Stylist Fashion Show” (S.F.S). The “Stylist Fashion Show” took place on November 6th in New York & its purpose is to provide a platform for stylists to showcase their talents & skills. The high profile event will be the 2nd episode of “Celebrity Thrift Störe'' (C.T.S) & the winner of the showcase will be featured on the 3rd episode of C.T.S, be featured on a billboard, & receive a professional photoshoot along with receiving the opportunity to style an A-List celebrity to expand their stylist portfolio and much more!

Since the mission is dedicated to stylists Vinrelo decided to decline a plethora of New York fashion week offers in order to emphasize her main point that S.F.S is for stylists & not designers because stylists don’t have a platform. Key figures in the fashion world will be in attendance, some will also be panelists as well. General admission tickets have almost sold out, & only a few VIP tickets remain. Along with a limited number of tickets, a limited amount of vendor booths (20) will be sold to vendors that would like to sell merchandise & network from 7pm to 9pm at the “Stylist Fashion Show” on November 6th.

As a digital magazine, they decided to make the soundtrack to the “Celebrity Thrift Störe'' (C.T.S) a fully-streamed NFT music album. Three hard hitting “Neo Melodic Rapsingles from the soundtrack were released on October 2nd (via spinrilla) & the entire soundtrack released on November 2nd on LÜM, Soundcloud, Datpiff, Spinrilla, Livemixtapes.com, & YoutubeDöuble.Eye.Mag (D.E.M) refers to the music as “Neo Melodic Rap (New Age Melodic Rap)”, a genre created by them. “Neo Melodic Rap” was a title created by Döuble.Eye.Mag (D.E.M) to categorize today’s current state of rap since the rise of modern day stars such as Young Thug, Future, & 2009-Present Lil Wayne.

Instead of disrespectful titles like “Mumble Rap”, Double Eye Mag created a title that accurately describes the current state of rap. In terms of the popular use of autotune, 808’s, & rappers who focus more on melodies/singing rather than lyricism/bars. According to Double Eye Mag the founder/creator of “Neo Melodic Rap (New Age Melodic Rap)” is Wu Tang’s very own Ol' Dirty Bastard (ODB). Ason Unique has no father to his style, hence the name Ol' Dirty Bastard (ODB). See the image above that displays the Mount Rushmore of “Neo Melodic Rap” & highlights the founding fathers of “Neo Melodic Rap”. The detailed “Neo Melodic Rap” family tree will be found on their website by clicking here. The family tree on their site features artists like Kid Cudi, T-Pain, Max B, Lil Uzi Vert, Gucci Mane, Chief Keef, Travis Scott, Soulja Boy, Drake, the late Nate Dogg & many more!

Continue reading to find out how you can be a part of the C.T.S exclusive NFT streaming soundtrack. Not only can you be a part of our C.T.S exclusive NFT streaming soundtrack, but as a gift to you for reading this article we are gifting you a FREE 7 step checklist for social media & business success. Therefore, if you’re looking to grow your social media pages or your businesses, this free checklist includes the key steps & formulas that all your favorite celebrities, businesses, & influencers use to cultivate their fan bases, support systems, & flourishing businesses. To receive “The Celebrity Thrift Störe Ladder to Success” free checklist please go to @Double.Eye.Mag (Instagram) & click the link in their bio. If you download the checklist you’ll receive free shipping & 10% of any merch you order as well.

The checklist also includes “Dame’s Dream Sheet”, an exclusive list of great thought provoking questions & tools that bring value, stimulate growth, elevation, & inspiration! Those that choose to take advantage of our free content, will receive discounts & early access to future events, courses, merch, Ebooks, etc.

Thank you to those who kept reading to learn more about how you can be a part of our C.T.S exclusive NFT streaming soundtrack. The soundtrack is titled “Love...D The EP'' by Me -Miself- i (IG @me.miself_i) & is available now along with exclusive merch from the “Celebrity Thrift Store'' collections. In addition to the three hard hitting melodic singles that were released on October 2nd, a snippet album was released on October 25th titled “Love...D The Snippet”.

You may be wondering what a snippet album is, so we’ll tell you. In order to give listeners & potential investors (in the C.T.S NFT streaming soundtrack) a sneak peek of the soundtrack, they created an album comprised of 10 to 15 seconds of the best parts from each song. The snippet album, singles, & “Love...D The EP'' will be found on LÜM, Soundcloud, Datpiff, Spinrilla, Livemixtapes.com, & Youtube.

Additionally, Me -Miself- i released a debut project on November 2nd titled “Love...D The EP'' exclusively on the platforms listed above (EP cover above).

In a brief interview with Me -Miself- i regarding his place in the rap game, he quickly let us know that “I’ve been judged, scrutinized, & misunderstood all my life for being Miself. So this music shit is sweet in comparison to everything I’ve been through. If people Love my music or not it doesn’t matter to me because it wasn’t intended for them in the first place. I don’t create music for anyone & I don’t release music for anyone. I only make music for Me & my mom. Meaning if we both Love the song(s), mission accomplished. Why do you think that I’ve been holding on to all of my music since 2018 type shit.”

He continued by adding that ”As a creative I use rap as one of my many mediums. I am not a rapper or a singer, I am a creative. I use melodies & bars as the mediums to express Miself creatively in rap & music in general. The only reason I am releasing my music is because it’s going to be used in a positive direction & hopefully help my people. Döuble.Eye.Mag (D.E.M) reached out to me & wanted to use it as the soundtrack for their TV show called Celebrity Thrift Störe (C.T.S). Therefore, I am blessed & humbled to know that God allowed me to be in the position to have my music serve a positive purpose & impact people around the world. Lastly, the only reason I snuck in the industry is because I created my own lane through “Neo Melodic Rap” (New Age Melodic Rap). Sneaking in & creating my own lane was the only option I had because I refuse to do some corny shit like copy someone else’s sound or wave to secure deals with labels. Thankfully it worked & I am here to stay, Love.”