Who We Are

Döuble.Eye.Records (D.E.R) is an independent record label built for creatives who have a strong passion for pushing boundaries through art. Our roster is small but our main focus is on an artists named "Me -Miself- i". Their debut project "Love...D The EP" is the soundtrack for our "Celebrity Thrift Störe'" (C.T.S) TV show. The hit single from their EP is called “The Bad One (Misery Loves Company)" & it trended on one of the top mixtape platforms “Spinrilla” along with Tik Tok too!


"Me -Miself- i" have released over 25 projects in less than a year that include a unique self titled series. Since most artists release a self titled album, "-ME-" decided to release a self titled series based on their name.

The 1st project in the series is called "(m)iSelf Titled", the 2nd one is called "We -Miself- i", the 3rd "-M3-", the 4th is titled "-W3-", the 5th is called "Me -Miself- i", the 6th is named "HiM(SELF)", 7th is called "HiM", the 8th is named "US." Their next project will be the last piece to the series. It will be titled "YOUR(SELF)" in hopes to inspire more people to embrace themselves & Love/accept who they truly are. 

Lastly, aside from their boundary pushing project titled "The Snippet Album" and their "Voice Memo Challenge", they have created a new world. In this world they combined fashion and music as one inseparable union. They call it "FXSH!ON: The Conversation Piece, "L!TERALLY" 

🧷 This Project is A Runway Collection of Conversation Pieces. ☔️


Me -Miself- i

In a brief interview with Me -Miself- i regarding their place in the rap game, they quickly let us know that “I’ve been judged, scrutinized, & misunderstood all my life for being Miself. So this music shit is sweet in comparison to everything I’ve been through. If people Love my music or not it doesn’t matter to me because it wasn’t intended for them in the first place. I don’t create music for anyone & I don’t release music for anyone. I only make music for Me & my mom. Meaning if we both Love the song(s), mission accomplished. Why do you think that I’ve been holding on to all of my music since 2018 type shit.”

They continued by adding that ”As a creative I use rap as one of my many mediums. I am not a rapper or a singer, I am a creative. I use melodies & bars as the mediums to express Miself creatively in rap & music in general. The only reason I am releasing my music is because it’s going to be used in a positive direction & hopefully help my people. Double Eye Mag reached out to me & wanted to use it as the soundtrack for their TV show called Celebrity Thrift Störe. Therefore, I am blessed & humbled to know that God allowed me to be in the position to have my music serve a positive purpose & impact people around the world. Lastly, the only reason I snuck in the industry is because I created my own lane through “Neo Melodic Rap” (New Age Melodic Rap). Sneaking in & creating my own lane was the only option I had because I refuse to do some corny shit like copy someone else’s sound/wave to secure deals with labels. Thankfully it worked & I am here to stay, Love.”


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What We Created

Instead of disrespectful titles like “Mumble Rap”, we created a title that accurately describes the current state of rap. In terms of the popular use of autotune, 808’s, & rappers who focus more on melodies/singing rather than lyricism/bars. According to Döuble.Eye.Records (D.E.R) the founder/creator of “Neo Melodic Rap (New Age Melodic Rap)” is Wu Tang’s very own Ol' Dirty Bastard (ODB). Ason Unique had no father to his style, hence the name Ol' Dirty Bastard (ODB).

See the image above that displays the Mount Rushmore of “Neo Melodic Rap” & highlights the founding fathers of “Neo Melodic Rap”. The detailed “Neo Melodic Rap” family tree will be found below. The family tree features artists like Kid Cudi, T-Pain, Max B, Lil Uzi Vert, Gucci Mane, Chief Keef, the late Nate Dogg & many more!