Öur Art Gallery


 As the art director for Döuble.Eye.Mag (D.E.M), Someoneondrugs has always been a key member of our team. For those who aren't familiar with his talents, below are some words from him.  

My art is made through the creative lens of “Someone on Drugs”. From distortion to euphoric minimalism. Technology allows me to express my visions and magnify the world through the eyes of an abstract perspective. My artistic expressions range from 3-D visuals, digital paintings, cartoons, etc.

I am an artist who doesn't see any boundaries in art and I believe that self expression takes a new role by entering the art world. I describe my art as subjective, the meaning behind it can vary and is up to the viewer, not by me at any time.

Giving different meanings to something that someone is attached to isn't nice in my book, that's why I leave it to the viewers eye to assign the meanings.

Their doubt and misunderstanding of what they're looking at contributes to the piece and it’s up to the viewer to look or understand the artwork with their eyes, their heart, and their morals.

Someoneondrugs also practices 'subvertising', where his eye catching artworks are curated in transit bus stops. Where daily commuters have access to not only a gallery, but an introspective view into the mind of Someoneondrugs