Öur Celebrity Stylist

Remember the name "VINRELO


For all of our loyal supporters, you may be familiar with "VINRELO" our celebrity stylist that has worked closely with us on our TV Show Docu-Series called the "Celebrity Thrift Störe (C.T.S)". For those who are meeting her for the first time, we'll help make the introduction. In 2021 we collaborated with the elusive celebrity stylist named “VINRELO” to co-produce her “Stylist Fashion Show” (S.F.S).

The “Stylist Fashion Show” took place on November 6th in New York & its purpose is to provide a platform for stylists to showcase their talents & skills. 

Since the mission is dedicated for stylists, "VINRELO" decided to decline a plethora of New York fashion week offers in order to emphasize her main point that S.F.S is for stylists only! It is not for designers because stylists don’t have a platform. Key figures in the fashion world were in attendance along with some of the panelists as well.

Aside from the show that took place on Nov 6th 2021, "VINRELO" has a plethora of boundary pushing endeavors that include the following:  

Fashion Week Partnership 

- The S.F.S Courses

- S.F.S Kids show

- Workshops

- Sip n Style